Kelp Gull, Gladstone Marina 01/2011

January 14, 2011

A short twitch to check-out a report of Black-tailed Gull by Ben Weston. Photographs show this bird is a Kelp Gull which is still a vagrant to the area.

A single large gull with a dark overwing was seen in Gladstone Marina near the Yacht Club flying on boxing day by Ben Weston. It was not seen again for a couple of weeks until it was seen and reported on birdline as a Black-tailed Gull by Ben. Bill and Jack Moorhead left Bundaberg on the 14th of January, 2011 and arrived at Gladstone Marina that afternoon. We met up with Ben and he kindly took us around to where it had been seen and we got onto it on the boat ramp (S 23 50 17  E 151 15 08). This bird is a KELP GULL in probably second-year plumage associating with up to 50 Silver Gulls in the area. It is in heavy moult and seems reluctant to fly. It is likely this bird will stay in the area for a while and Ben said he is happy to show people the bird. Given the location, this species is still a rare vagrant.

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Gladstone Marina



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Jack Moorhead

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